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Product Updates

  • Frontend completed
  • Started the audit
  • Audit scheduled for the Yield Bearing Index
  • Frontend development completed
  • Smart contract architecture designed
  • Continued testing of scripts
  • Started Polygon frontend integration
  • Launched governance forum — View it here
  • Published all the governance processes and rules — Read about it here

Marketing and Community Updates

  • Announced DAO Launch — Read about it here
  • First Proposal Approved — Read about it here
  • Held a Cook T-Shirt Giveaway contest for the community…

Product Updates

  • Started audit
  • Audit scheduled for Yield Bearing Index
  • Frontend development started
  • Smart contract architecture design started
  • Completed with deployment script
  • Started with testing scripts
  • Polygon Mainnet deployment script tested
  • Polygon Index composition created

Marketing and Community

  • Launched CLI/ETH Liquidity Mining for the Crypto Largecap Index — Read about it here
  • Created a CLI Liquidity Mining Guide — Read it here
  • Launched 3 new staking pools on ETH, BSC and HECO — Check it out…

  1. Navigate to and connect your wallet. Make sure you have ETH in your wallet and then deposit your ETH with the Batch Issue feature.

Product Updates

  • Deployed Cook DAPP index funds on OKExChain
  • Listed COOK tokens on CherrySwap
  • Completed several adapters
  • Performed tests
  • Audit scheduled for Yield Bearing Index
  • Game design completed
  • Continued with deployment script development
  • NFT GameFi mechanics designed
  • NFT designs completed

Marketing and Community Updates

  • Launched OKExChain on Cook DAPP to add more interoperability — Read about it here
  • Launched Batch Issue feature to help users save gas — Read about it…


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