Cook partners with UniFarm to join their 7th staking pool Cohort

We’re proud to announce that for all you $COOK token holders, you can now take advantage of a new opportunity to stake your tokens on BSC and receive even more benefits.

To those of you who are new to UniFarm, it is a new staking solution that enables you to stake one token but earn additional multiple high-value tokens within the same Cohort.

Cohort Participants

The 5 projects included in Cohort 7 are UniFarm ($UFARM), OpenDeFi ($ORO), Unido ($UDO), Cook Protocol ($COOK) and Umbrella Network ($UMB).

UniFarm Benefits

  • Stake one or more tokens from the member projects
  • Unstake holdings at any point in the 6 months of its operational period
  • Get a minimum APY of 36% and a maximum APY of 250%
  • Earn tokens from all Cohort participants

For example, If one stakes COOK tokens, for the first week they will earn COOK tokens. For the 2nd week, they will earn COOK tokens as well as UDO tokens. In the 3rd Week, they’ll earn COOK, ORO, UDO as well as UFARM, and so on. Users can unstake anytime, however, unstaking will reset their clock back to zero.

Staking on UniFarm

In order to stake your $COOK on just follow these steps below:

Step 1: Click on “Connect Wallet” to select wallet options as MetaMask, Coinbase or TrustWallet and connect to your wallet. (Once connected, the UniFarm website will show your wallet address).

Step 2: Select the “Select Token” option and choose the token of your choice.

Step 3: In the following field, enter the amount of tokens you wish to stake. (The amount should not exceed the available token balance).

Step 4: Click on “Show Available Pools”. Active pools which contain the selected token will be displayed. (Along with other information such as APY, reward token & Lock-In)

Step 5: Click on the “Stake Now” button to see the 90-day return policy. (Staking is not possible beyond your wallet balance as well as the single user limit)

Step 6: Click on “Approve” to proceed or click on “X” to go back to step 2 to select another token.

Step 7: MetaMask will prompt the approval of tokens (Gas Fees are required in order to proceed with the approval). Click on “Confirm” to proceed.

Step 8: Once approved, click on “Stake” to stake the selected amount. You would be prompted again to confirm the transaction on MetaMask. Click “Confirm”.

To find more information about UniFarm and to begin staking your $COOK visit

About UniFarm

UniFarm is a decentralized farming pool and a multi-token reward staking platform where investors can earn several tokens by staking one. UniFarm incentivizes long-term stakers with an inbuilt compounding gamified framework to compound rewards for staking for a longer period.

About Cook

Cook Protocol establishes a transparent and flexible asset management platform suited to diverse investors and asset management service providers alike. Investors can monitor a manager’s fund allocations without worrying about fund security or foul play. At the same time, fund managers can leverage Cook Protocol to gain access to investors and carry out virtually any investment strategy without having to opensource the strategy.

We bring decentralized finance to everyone.

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